Emzip (binx_349) wrote,

I have been absolutely horrible at both checking my flist or updating this journal lately. Um. Oops.

Partially because I have been mostly crazy dull, or away, and when I haven't been crazy dull or away, I've been dealing with family sadness, which sucks and you all shouldn't have to read me talk about that any more than you already do if you're following me on Twitter. Also partially because I seem to be getting sidetracked by other online things a LOT lately.

But! Getting back into the swing with good stuff I hope, starting with Saturday, when my parents are coming up for a BBQ and I do believe we are getting a new kitten (name is tentatively Paige) and so, I show off what I already have elsewhere, but AWWW.

Tags: am aliiive, kitteh, that real life thing
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