Emzip (binx_349) wrote,

"I'm Katie fucking Fitch, who the fuck are you?"

It's been a while since you've got any TV rambling from me, but by god are you getting some today.

First? LOVED this week's episode. They're really bringing out the good stuff as the season goes on. Katie is badass, and growing on me this season in a way she never did last. I even didn't mind the little bit of Thomas/Katie that made me o,O in the preview.

In other news, Mini-Fitch needs moar screentime. He's hilarious.

Second, and the part that actually has me askjksf-ing. EFFY. Preview for next week. So we all know I have my character biases in this show. Shut up.

I was well aware there'd be some serious changes with her this season. Messy fucked up character that she is, and them finally letting her admit having emotions and all. Anyway, especially from an RP perspective I was curious about how she'd handle a real relationship and if she even could.

It's looking like the answer is a resounding NO. She was right on with that comment about love being 'a bit of a headfuck' for her.

Part of me is liking that they're skipping back to early season badass-and-kinda-creepy Effy, because I loved her back then before they broke her with that love triangle in S3... But another part of me thought they'd put her through all that shit to bring her out the end as, you know, A FUNCTIONAL HUMAN BEING. Which it's looking more and more like she really, really isn't. At all.

A little nervous about what the hell they're doing to my character? Um, YEAH.

... And I should really go to bed. Still feel like craaap and have work tomorrow. Sigh.
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