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Stealing this (as quite a few have) from kajivar to keep on spreading the word. I figured this was the best reason ever to break my lack of posting.

A friend has lost everything, including an extensive library, in the Queensland floods in Australia.

A book drive is being organized to help her replace as many as the books as we can. She's having other needs (for herself and her kitties) taken care of at the moment, but her books meant a lot to her.

I know I have a lot of book lovers on my flist, so if you have some you were considering getting rid of, or if you know where you can pick up some used books and are willing to donate them, please check out the link and see if you can find any on her list.

My village went 10ft under a few years ago, and that was awful enough (and our house even escaped the worst of it). It's up to eight times that out in QLD. Any support will be immensely appreciated.
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