Emzip (binx_349) wrote,

Oh my god it's COLD, guys. We dun do extremes of weather in this country, and I have been freezing my ass off for days, even while indoors. I got spoiled the last few weeks getting driven into work (long story involving knee dislocation and ongoing fuckery with my ability to walk), and I started getting buses again this week making it the worst timing ever.


New Job is both awesome and seems to suck all my time and energy. I'm hoping I get into the swing of it for real soon and stop wanting it to be naptime the moment I get home. Thing with it is, when I'm at work with this job, I'm actually -working- and not slacking off and fitting a bit of reading and a bit of RP into my workday like I did at previous jobs. When I'm not busy digging through patient records for my research project (and let me tell you, that takes a ridic length of time for what it is since to get one eensy detail you have to sift through a tonne of someone's medical notes and find out far more than you ever wanted/needed to know), I'm working on my qualification, or helping to run clinics and I can't be a lazy ass in front of patients. Woe.

What is less sad for me is that I'm getting paid pretty freaking decently for this considering I'm still in training and it's a job that actually interests me to the point I don't feel like I'm going to die of bored without the ability to faff on the internet.

Tags: am aliiive, knee, owowow, work
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