Emzip (binx_349) wrote,

I said I was going to post more, right?

People who follow me on Twitter are probably well aware of the ongoing saga of Emma vs the Commute.

I am a creeper-magnet. It is known. If it isn't a blood covered drunk whining to me about how he'll "rip apart the fuckers who hurt [him] when he's off the drink", it's the guy who sings about Britannia and roundhouse kicks the bus hand-bars, or the one who thinks that laughing makes you a bitch and need to be yelled at. There was a guy this one time I saw eating his bus ticket. He holds a special place in my memory...

Today brought a large, angry, horny Asian man. Possibly not so much of a shock given I was in the Chinese quarter at the time, and it's a really dodgy area, but I've walked it many times before without being yelled at in proposition. "Sex. SEX?! I WANT THE PUSSY," is a new one in terms of come-ons.

Me in my approximately a bazillion layers of wool, and coworker in her hijab? Possibly the most unlikely prostitutes EVER.
Tags: birmingham, commute, crazy-magnet, work
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